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Monthly Stableford 28/03/2010

1st Godswill Etokowo 36pts 2nd Stephen Collins 33pts

3rd Lindsay Moody 32pts

Junior Stableford 28/03/2010

1st James Bass 40pts 2nd James Alford 31pts

3rd Craig Alford 30pts

Junior Stableford 27/03/2010

1st Robin Orchison 39pts 2nd James Bass 36pts

3rd Laurens Vorster 34pts

Cecil Leitch 21/03/2010

1st Mark Smith net 63 2nd Mark Bowes net 66

3rd Alex Keenan net 66

Cecil Leitch -Ladies 21/03/2010

1st Zophya Hammond net 75 2nd Julie Alford net 87

3rd Lynne Digby net 91

Midweek Stableford 09/03/2010

1st James Bass 37pts 2nd Dave Loftus 32pts

3rd Sam Osborne 30pts

Monthly Medal 07/03/2010

GOLD 1st Dave Loftus net 73 2nd Sam Osborne net 73 SILVER 1st Steve Beaney net 62

2nd Darren Dooney net 63

Ladies Stableford 06/03/2010

1st Zophya Hammond 29pts 2nd Lynne Digby 28pts

3rd Nicole Wyer 26pts


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27th Sat Junior Stableford
28th Sun Monthly Stableford


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Junior Stableford 27/02/2010

1st Joe Verlinden 45pts 2nd James Alford 43pts

3rd Phil Bass 41pts

Midweek Stableford 24/02/2010

1st Steve Beaney 32pts 2nd L Trivett 29pts

3rd Leslie Beddow 22pts

Ladies Medal 20/02/2010

1st Sarah Norris net 75 2nd Carol Mcbain net 91

3rd Stella Morris net 93

Monthly Medal – Senior Section 18/02/2010

1st R O’Flaherty net 73 2nd David Harrison net 73

3rd Leon Czarnecki net 74

Midweek Medal 09/02/2010

1st Steve Beaney net 62 2nd Alex Keenan net 65

3rd Sam Osborne net 69

Junior Medal 07/02/2010

1st Craig Alford 71 – 06 Nett 65
2nd Robin Orchison 71 – 05 Nett 66

Monthly Medal 07/02/2010

Gold 1st Dave Loftus 72 – 07 Nett 65 2nd Andrew Thick 72 – 06 Nett 66 Silver 1st Eddie Wilcox 78 – 19 Nett 59

2nd Lawrence Pursey 91 – 23 Nett 68


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Junior Stableford 29/11/2009

1st Sarah Norris 44pts
2nd James Bass 36pts

Monthly Stableford 29/11/2009

1st Steve Scorah 36pts
2nd Dave Loftus 34pts

Junior Stableford 28/11/2009

1st Sarah Norris 42pts
2nd Harrison Pearce 40pts

Midweek Medal 25/11/2009

1st Sam Osborne 72 – 06 Nett 66
2nd James Bass 76 – 07 Nett 69

Ladies Medal 21/11/2009

1st Carol McBain 102 – 28 Nett 74
2nd Katie Thomas 94 – 20 Nett 74

Junior Monthly Medal (Girls only) 21/11/2009

1st Hannah Wyer 125 – 36 Nett 89


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17th Sat Ladies Medal — Captain Charity Medal
18th Sun Nutters and Putters
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24th Sat Junior Stableford
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Junior Stableford 31/01/2010

1st Craig Alford 36pts
2nd Sarah Norris 32pts

Monthly Stableford 31/01/2010

1st Andrew Thick 31pts
2nd Paul Wyer 31pts

Midweek Medal 27/01/2010

1st Steve Beaney 89 – 19 Nett 70
2nd L Trivett 92 – 19 Nett 73

Junior Medal 24/01/2010

1st Sarah Norris 85 – 23 Nett 62
2nd James Bass 73 – 08 Nett 65

Monthly Medal 24/01/2010

Gold 1st Sam Osborne 74 – 06 Nett 68 2nd Jim Loftus 84 – 11 Nett 73 Silver 1st Eddie Wilcox 85 – 19 Nett 66

2nd Gordon McBain 88 – 17 Nett 71

Ladies Medal 23/01/2010

1st Chloe Digby 83 – 15 Nett 68
2nd Zophya Hammond 85 – 11 Nett 74


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Invitation Shield – Bank Holiday

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30th Sun Monthly Stableford
31st Mon Jubilee Cup – Bank Holiday


Find Homelands Golf Centre

From M20, Junction 10, at the roundabout take the exit signed “International Station”. Follow the dual carriageway over the first roundabout, then take the first exit at the second roundabout signed “Kingsnorth and Homelands Golf Centre”. Go straight over the next roundabout at Park Farm & proceed for just over 1 mile. Turn left at the shared entrance with Ashford Town Football Club.

Homelands Golf Centre is past the stadium.

Course 7.00am to Dusk
Clubhouse 7.00am to 10.00pm – Mon to Fri
7.00am to 9.00pm – Sat & Sun
Driving Range 7.00am to 10.00pm – Mon to Fri
7.00am to 9.00pm – Sat & Sun

Welcome at all times. Pre-booking is not essential, but advisable. We will always do our best to give you the tee time you require.

Bar refreshments, hot & cold snacks available 7 days a week..

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